Friday, June 22, 2012

True Reach measures our web presence in many different categories and on several different scales.  One of them is “True Reach”.  While it is nice to know someone is out there reading my stuff, I have to admit it is not really possible to measure the unknown.  In the spirit of It’s a Wonderful Life, I dare say it might not always be a good thing to know every statistic or algorithm about the effectiveness of your presence in this world, online or not.

There are some (probably more than you realize) folks out there getting your message whom you will never know about.  Imagine a kind of circular version of “the Butterfly Effect”: somehow (we hope) the good we put out in the world will one day find its way back to us (though it will most likely be in a different form and without a tracking device).  Still, good things that come to us could be a reciprocal effect of something we did once upon a time, however small or seemingly insignificant. Even more profound, these gifts of reciprocity could be the effect of something our parents did, or their parents even.  

Imagine your own butterfly effect in full living color, flying from your own good energy and spreading little bits of fairy dust along the way. As the butterfly effect of you flutters in the shadows of the sun, wave goodbye and welcome the next with a deep incoming breath – we are part of a living universe, full of unseen but not invisible energy in every thought and action. Some even theorize that the whole universe is but one organism.

So, if your “Klout” score is not as high as you might like, especially in the area of “True Reach”, know this:  someone is listening out there.  Just be okay without knowing who.

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