Saturday, June 23, 2012

That Nice Lady

My Papa and Nana (that nice lady)
“I was just talking to that nice lady

My family used to get tickled at my grandmother when she would say that. She was a few years into her illness when she made friends with a woman she called “that nice lady”.  It took us a while, but when we finally met her new friend, we laughed with joy – “Of Course!”

  Yes, she was a very nice lady indeed.

What my Nana, who had Alzheimer’s, was doing, was talking to the “nice lady” in the mirror.  That was her new friend.  Not realizing the reflection was herself, she was having conversations with a person she did not recognize, but with whom she really liked.  

Some 25 years later, I find a lesson in that.  When you look in the mirror, could you think of the reflection you see as a stranger, yet a person you could like?  Could it be that he or she might be someone you could become good friends with?  Why or why not?  Maybe it’s time to have a heart-to-heart with that “nice lady” (or man) in your mirror.  Maybe you’ll meet someone you like!  Even in the throes of a bitter and debilitating disease, my Nana found something good in herself.  

What’s your excuse?

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