Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Hole in the Y'all

For real - it's true. Y'all has a big ole hole in it.  I guess most people think "Y'all" is a contraction of sorts - combining "You" and "all". But I beg to differ.  It's not even slang. You see, "Y'all" when said correctly (Yawl) and in the right circumstance - to those for whom we hold endearment, the word has a much bigger meaning.

"You", yes. "All", not really. It's inclusive with the use of the "aw" - those for whom we feel "awe" for. Our beloved friends, family, and others perhaps in the near vicinity who get the vibe just for being there. 

It's a big ole hole because it represents the place in our hearts for which "Y'all" as our dear ones fill. It's a big ole hole because we have to make a big one with our mouth to say it right. (try saying it without making a hole) - the general feeling about the use of "Y'all" is that it's simply a lazy Southern way to say a greeting. 

Oh, Y'all. There is nothing lazy about saying it. Not only is it packed with emotion, but it's not easy to say at all, at least in the physical sense. It's certainly much easier to say "you all" or "you'ns" (or however that'n goes) than it is to use every muscle in the mouth to make that big ole hole in "Y'all".

We just can't help it. If you're part of "Y'all", then you're being awed. In a way it is a short cut.... "You? .....awe"

Thanks Y'all!

Image via Flick creative commons

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