Thursday, December 22, 2011

Even Stop Lights

Sometimes I think thoughts that are kinda kooky.  You may know the types of thoughts I mean. Thoughts that, if you were to share, you just know those you love would roll their eyes and come up with something like "there she goes again". 
So I think these thoughts but rarely allow myself the priveledge of sharing.  I know it's taking a risk to share, and most of the time, I just don't do it.  One example has to do with Christmas and stop lights.  I suppose it's because daylight savings time goes back to "normal time" not long before the Holiday Season starts which makes this work, but it occures to me, that during the Holidays, the green and red (and gold even) of traffic lights, coupled with the red of tail lights if sitting in traffic, make for quite a Christmas-y show.  So, does that sound kinda kooky to you? I figured as much.
But, here's the fun part: While preparing the music for a Christmas Party and reviewing the words to some favorite carols, I noticed something.  It has been shared before. Yep. By Ray Evans, two-time Acadamy Award winning songwriter.  In.... you ready for this?  Silver Bells !   
Strings of street lights, even stop lights
Blink a bright red and green
And the shoppers run home with their treasures
That's the beginning of the second verse!  So if a big time composer can share a funky thought, why can't I? 
In fact, I should!
What about you?
photo by Yopizza

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