Thursday, October 13, 2011

Color Intervention


The area between San Diego and Tijuana hosts a biannual "Interzone Festival" or "Festival Tijuana Interzona".  This year's festival included an Urban Renewal project, where artists from all over were invited to spruce up outside walls of buildings scattered all over the poorest parts of the area.
The resulting art is fascinating, healing and humourous, yet it has a sense of realness to it.  The placement of the art is art in itself.  The randomness of bright colors and brush strokes of living a grande life juxtaposed against dilapidated trailers sliding down a filthy hillside is like a cry from within the souls of those who live and have lived her. See me!  I am here! I feel and thrive in this environment every day all day.
The art serves a dual purpose. To bring awareness of the plight of poverty, and to bring light to an otherwise dank and unforgiving place.
I cannot deny any human's right to rise from poverty.
My family has it pretty tough right now. But I live like a king compared to these folks.  Rise on up, Y'all. In Love.
see full interview with curator Carmen Zella

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