Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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Apparently, according to Klout, these are my most influential topics.

I would not have guessed that.  But, looking back, it's true.  These are all things I enjoy or
am passionate about.

Makes sense.

Me being the one who is always touting "do what you love" and all that jazz, I think I might better take it seriously.  The algorythms don't lie, right?

So for an experiment I put all those words together in google and kept coming back to the same blog.

Rude Cactus  by Chris Cactus

He's been blogging for several years, and seems to have developed a unique and loyal following.

Chris writes about many of the items listed above, and often.

Photo above is from the same blog, which, by the way, has several awesome photos. He and his wife Beth have a precious little girl, and though I was tempted to showcase one of her, the essence of the blog is not just about their daughter.

I loves this one of paint samples against a blue wall.

Great photography, cute kid, music lover, and funny!

read this quote:

This week isn't a Twinkie. It's one of those day-glow SnoBalls.
You know by looking at it that it's going to be terrible but it's
the only think left on the convenience store shelf
and you've got to eat something.
I know just what you mean, Chris!

So..... why don't you try it?  Go check your Klout "content analysis" and get back to me.

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