Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome Spring!

Sometimes the smallest things can bring us joy. 
In this case, it's really the potential of a small
thing that can bring us joy.
A seed, for example, is small.  By itself, it
is not usually very appealling.  Knowing what
the seed has the potential to be, though,
changes the equation a little bit.
Now we are intrigued, knowing that it might be
a lovely flower, or food for our table.
The resource I share with you today is a collection
of "seeds" of sorts.  Small gifts, creations
by some fellow contributors to a joint venture
project called the Gift Explosion Giveaway.
Just as seeds spring into life, these small
gifts can explode your own success if you
use them in the manner they are intended...
Some of my favorites so far are
Royalty free music package
Graphics Wiz
Article re-write software
Social Media Report
Make your own software kit
Membership site system
A report on Blogging for beginners
Hypnotherapy basics
There are plenty more to choose from too!
But really it is not just about the gifts.  It
is about the potential in the relationships
with the people who are giving these gifts, too!
I look forward to meeting you there -
Come see what it's all about!

Happy Spring!

photo: "Poppy Seeds" by St Stev  

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