Friday, April 15, 2011

How to spell "Free"

fre (e)
Why do I see so many different spelling of this word in my inbox?
Maybe because spam checkers weed out the correct spelling.  I get that.
I think, though, that since it is so over used, and we could easily use
words such as "no cost" "for nothing" "you don't pay a dime"  etc -
that the gimmicky spellings are a more powerful call to action than the
real one.
like spelling with the hiccups
You notice when someone has the hiccups, right?
Maybe you try harder to listen to them?


Anonymous said...

Could it be something as simple as location? Maybe in certain parts of the world, free is spelled "fre.e" and so forth? Of course it could be a really good marketing plan, as you said....a way to get attention.

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