Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let's get Twisted! (Big Time Bonuses for those who Do!)

I’ve noticed there are three types of folks in the online business world.  There are those who dream (I’m in this boat, are you?), there are those who dream and believe (yep, still on board! How bout you?) and then there are those who dream, believe, and do (still with me?)

 I’m not  actually  a ‘doer’ in the capacity I want to be (yet) but I have some great news for anyone in my boat (doing some but could be doing a whole lot more).  What happens when you take all three of these types and twist them together?  Something that works together to stay strong,  with just enough variation to keep things interesting!

My Mentor,  Pat O’Bryan, along with a bunch of doers in my tribe, are launching a new book today  - Money From Anywhere.  Dr. Joe Vitale, a big time hero of mine, and Marlon Sanders, a hoot (and a genius) collaborated, as did a few others from Pat’s Unseminars, even one  of my peers, my “Southern Soul” sister Martha Giffen!

Here is what Martha has to say about the book:

It's a valuable book full of great ways to make money so you can experience the freedom that comes from operating your biz from your computer.  Did you know there are actually secrets to attracting money?

And Dr. Vitale says this:

Look. You need money for yourself and

the people you care about. Learn how

to get money from anywhere by going to --




PS -- I don't make a dime when you get

the book. I'm trying to help you. I'm directing you to a resource that CAN help you. But it's up to you to go there. Here's the link --




(Dr. Vitale doesn’t play around, does he?)

Only thing left to say is ….. oh yeah!  Two Thousand bucks worth of bonuses ?  Heck fire, sign me up!

Dreamers and doers all:  Let’s get twisted!



(Hurry… bonuses come down after today!)

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