Saturday, January 8, 2011

What if?

What if somewhere deep inside your soul lay a tiny speck of light whose only purpose is to observe your life from the inside.  It is responsible for your inner beauty, but cannot speak to you or through you. The only function it has is to add feeling to your thoughts whenever you are in a place of total love.  

It is a place reserved for your most high good.  All human beings possess this little gift, and all make it shine at one time or another.  It is what makes us feel most alive.  Picture yourself in a place where you feel the most alive.  It could be a mountain top experience, or something as simple as holding your child's hand.  Maybe it is when your favorite team wins a championship game.  Or maybe it is a triumph of your own inner game. These ecstatic feelings are when this little pinpoint of light within you glows the brightest.

What if this speck of light, in this time of increasing enlightenment, was given permission, just once, to speak to you directly?  What do you think it might say?

Would it give you advice?  Would it simply say "well done"?  Would it reassure you in a time of crisis?  Remember this little speck of light lies within you and you only.  It has no existence outside of your body.  It only glows brightly when you are living fully. Therefore, the message it would convey would be to you and you alone.

With these thoughts in mind, I invite you to ponder.

What might your inner light say to you?

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