Saturday, March 12, 2011

Angels at the Pump? Why not?

Remember the guardian angels who volunteered to fill up people's tanks during the DC Sniper scare?  They actually had a hard time convincing people that they would do this for them for free.  It took real coaxing and selling, at least until it caught on and people realized they were providing a real service.  People just don't believe you can get good service at the pump anymore.  
Maybe we can change that.


What if we could end the pain at the pump today  by offering a different sort of angel service?
 It would not be free, but it could be fun, and it might bring back the old feeling of real full service.
(Anybody remember those days?)

Pump Angels
A pampering service for both the car and the car owner.  A group of 5 or so "angels" , probably teenagers (this is a summertime business) would pump your gas while escorting you up a red carpet (laid out just for you) to a nice little pampering area for yourself nearby- under an awning in the shade, with fans blowing and soothing music playing, and..... a massage chair!  
Your angels would serve you iced green tea or mineral water and you could take a couple of minutes to relax while your tank is filled, your windows washed, and an extra perk, a little bit of extra rub down for your car. A sort of synchronized dance around your car as you listen to your music, sip your tea, and get your massage from the chair, under a cool fan.
And schwag!  Gotta get the schwag!  You keep the cute plastic cup the tea comes in (with the Pump Angel logo on it of course). You get an ice cold towel (again with the logo) to pat yourself with as you're being pampered, (I can just see you carrying it around with you at they gym) and, we give you a bumper sticker (20% off if you let us put it on your car).
One more perk:  Your angels will pose with you in your massage chair and/ or at your car while we take your picture with your phone, so you can brag about it to everyone, (and of course post it on the Fan Page... for "angel points")
No it is not cheap. It's about 25 bucks.  But hey, you're paying so much for gas, what's another 25 bucks?  It's way worth it for all that service! 
Naw, it's not real. Just a crazy (according to my husband) idea I had today.  
By the way, I checked at Go Daddy. is available!

Think of the slogans you could use...they're endless!
"Get serviced by Pump Angels"
"Pump Angels fill you up with Love"
"Pumped and Pampered by an Angel"
"Get gas with pleasure"
"Have fun at the pump"
"Have you been pumped by your Angels today?"

Photo inset: Red Jaguar XK140

 by pedrosimoes7 on Flickr

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