Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weeding out the "No's"

Years ago I was involved in a home based Multi-Level Marketing business.  It was a decent company with decent products, some of them really good products, and a phenomenal group of leaders.  I stayed in way longer than I should have simply because I loved the people so much.  They became like family to me. 

I have noticed a lot of MLM-type business come on and off the market in the years since, and am still oddly fascinated how well the whole idea seems to work, at least for some of the businesses.  What I am seeing really trend is a move toward products we use and buy anyway:  A shift, of sorts, during tougher economic times to allow the consumer to keep some of the profits.  I kind of like that idea.  Although I am not ready to jump back onto the MLM bandwagon any time soon, I see a huge potential here:  Groceries.  Gas. Phone Service. Utilities.  More than a small chunk of my monthly budget goes toward all these things.  Would it not be cool to rake in some of that “profit” by owning my own piece of that pie?

It depends on the business, and we have to do our homework.  If you have the right personality for MLM (and although everyone is unique, there are some things you just have to be ready to do, and sales, people, is most definitely part of it) it might be a good move for you.

Why am I writing this post today?  Because my friend, MJ Schrader, has just gotten started with a program that sells electricity and asked for my help.  I did a little research (even though I had already heard good things about this company) and decided to help her by writing this post.  One thing she has to do is weed through a ton of prospects every single day.  What I hope to do is weed out some of the “no’s” for her, and find her a few “maybes”.  So, if you don’t run like the wind when you hear the word “MLM” and you have a knack for selling, please check out her link:

And/or if you live in Texas, Georgia or Pennsylvania, consider switching to a more affordable and clean energy alternative!

MJ is a kind person and will be a gem to work with.  I have no doubt that she will bend over backwards to help her team in every way possible.  If you do join, you will be blessed for being a part of her network. 


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