Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Didn't Know You Were Watching

Excellent Set in Clarksville During Spring with Kids Playing

The Kid's gradually gaining freedom, growing up, and I am having to loosen the strings, a little knotch, every few months or so. It is both fascinating and terrifying,  raising a child.  A couple of days ago, he was on his own at the playground near us, which is coincidentally very close to a drainage ditch.  (Not smart planning, but what're ya gonna do? It is where it is)
So he's been told many times the ditch is off limits.  Stay out of the ditch.  What kids aren't going to be tempted though?  Especially boys with bikes!  I know this, and have no doubt he gets in that ditch more often than I want to admit.  I had to go find him and let him know I would be away from the house for a few minutes. So he knows I'm right there, walking away, and as I turn back, the little scoundrel is in that ditch!  When he knows I'm right there!
Later I ask him about it.  "Why did you get in that ditch?  Especially when you knew I was watching! Sheez! Grounded!" 
His response? "I didn't know you were watching"
Hysterical, this little person is.  So brazen.  Does he have any idea how much he teaches me?  I am so lucky to be given the opportunity to be in this little boy's life.  He is a gift every second.
For those of you whom I may have offended, for those of you who perhaps did not understand - If you stopped by and I did not notice, or if you took the time to acknowledge me  and I did not return the favor, or if something I said made you feel negative in any way, please, please, accept my sincerest apology and know this:  I didn't know you were watching.
I have the responsiblity to write, as I feel, with love, kindness, and respect.  Trust me, now.... now that my 8 year old has taught me this valuable lesson - I know you are watching, and I am thankful. I am safe. You are treasured.

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