Thursday, October 28, 2010

Celebrating Peers around me in the Tobri Top 100 - A 'Thoughtful Thursday' Blogpost

It's really exciting to be listed among this bunch of awesome people!  I am hovering around #80 in the Tobri Top 100 right now.  I hope it lasts, you never know!  So I decided to take a few minutes on this "Thoughtful Thursday" to celebrate some of the folks who are listed near me.
Bronwyn Wilson, (Tobri rank #81) posted "A Website Versus A Blog" and started a bit of a debate about cloning wordpress.  While the convo is a bit over my head "techie wise" I get the drift and am thankful, because it sounds like I am doing something right by using Wordpress for my main blog
Xavier Nelson , (Tobri rank #79) started "Quotes to make you think", an ongoing list of quotes which he plans to add to, to help get us going when we might be stuck for inspiration.  Example"  "Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions"... Albert Einstein.  Well that's pretty cool!  Einstein's own version of the Law of Attraction in action!  I love it!
Martin Boyle (Tobri rank #82) is simply a dear person, who lifts up other Tobri users like it's his second nature.  Complimenting others and giving great positive feedback seems to be his forte. ["shy bairns get nowt".....That's a bit of Geordie slang. Translated it means "Shy Children get nothing"]- A MartinBoyle ism
Rebekah TheConnector (Tobri rank #75)  Is exactly what she says she is!  Rebekah connects with all types of people and is a member of probably more groups than anyone else in the Tobri 100!  She offers classes on how to make your star shine, and has a significant following both on Facebook and Sokule. The integration of Facebook and Tobri is a powerful way to connect.
Kevin Puls (Tobri rank #83) Is an active member of the JV Alert family.  His enthusiasm is a natural carryover into the Tobri community.  He is also an Editor for Ken McArthur's blog and a great interviewer!
Byron Welch (Tobri Rank: #73) Is quite an interesting person!  He wrote a really creepy short story which he shared with us for Halloween, and he regularly posts thoughtful comments on others' blogs and walls.  It is a nice breath of fresh air to read his posts.  He keeps things real, and really interesting at Tobri!
You!  (Tobri Rank: #XX?)  Come join us and see how simple it is to make meaningful connections at Tobri! (yeah.... it's free!) Being ranked in the Tobri 100 is easy!  (Hey, I did it!) and it's a gas too!  And for those of you with cash to spend for advertising, the Tobri Business Premiere membership can get your game in front of me and a whole slew of peeps - these showcased are just a few great examples of the active folks you'll find at Tobri!

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