Friday, November 5, 2010

Let's work together: Improve Persuasion Skills, Overcome Fear, And Keep a Positive Attitude

Friendly Persuasion
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It's a simple formula, really (To say, anyway)  but life is not always as easy as these few little words is it?  We have our own fears and obstacles to overcome and get past every day, sometimes hundreds of times in a day. 
Sometimes I feel like I need a whole aresenal of invisible protective gear just to get through my morning without blowing up!  Reality, sometimes, does bite.  For some of us, it bites harder than others.  The same scenario can even be more difficult for one person to cope with than another.  I know it is not as simple as telling you just to "think positive" and wonderful things will come your way.  In fact, when I am in the thick of a bad attitude attack, that kind of syrupy sweet talk just makes me even more frustrated.  Getting past the muck is a skill, a talent (a tough one at that) for some of us to master. Even then, we need to constantly practice and improve on it.  It seems the more we learn to cope with, the more we are given to cope with. 
I say let's burn down that whole word "cope" and work on conquering these demons that create the barriers in the first place, one by one.  If I had no fear of failure, for example, then failure would not be an obstacle, would it?  If I could keep a positive attitude most of the time, then the things that create chaos for me now would be but a mere molehill - wouldn't they? And If I were confident that I could get everything I need simply by changing the way I ask for it, my needs would dwindle too, right?
Okay then. I know you may be skeptical, I am a little nervous too, frankly, but I'm willing to give it a shot. New things are always a little scary.  Let's try these tools out together.  I have found one tool for overcoming each of these issues:  Persuasion, Fear, and Positive Attitude.  Each one is a download, and if you purchase them, I get a commission (thanks!) - but don't click away just yet if you are turned off by that.  Each of these gurus offer a gift for you, even if you do not choose to buy now.  That is why I feel comfortable sharing them with you.  What we can do is check them out, and share with each other what we like, what we like, what we are trying out, and what is working best for each of us. We could become a micro community in overcoming these three common obstacles - Fear, Persuasion, and Positive Attitude.
Tool #1:  20 Day Persuasion Secrets by Michael Lee, persuasion expert and certified life coach. Without reverting to cheezy claims of magic, Michael helps us understand some basics about how we think and process thoughts, and how to tap into the subtle cues we sometimes miss.  By breaking his tips into a few at a time, we are not bombarded with too much at once. This way we develop the skill of persuasion, rather than simply educating ourselves on the topic.
Tool #2: MindSurge: The Conciousness Revolution - (for conquering fear) This giveaway is part of the Super Mind Evolution System created by a team of 4 experts in brainwave entrainment, NLP, hypnosis and energy healing. I have really enjoyed their website/blog. There is a lot of interaction with readers and they offer a lot of additional resources.
Tool #3: Subliminal MP3's "Find Harmony" - (for positive thinking) this page actually offers a TON of Subliminal MP3 downloads, but the one they send you free is called "find harmony" and comes with a script (so you know what you're feeding your brain) and is perfect for quieting the mind and creating a positive energy flow. The gift is at the very top of the page.  They give you actually 3 different mp3's, one per week. The first and the last deal specifically with positive thinking.
Are you ready to get started?  I know I am!  Depending on the response, we can decide whether to start an official group or just comment here.  I look forward to working with you! 

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