Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Kid's Letter to Santa


Dear Santa,

I wanted to show you my Christmas list, so here you go. 
Oh! and the ones that have the checks on them are the ones that I really want.

(The actual "list" is omitted, but I should point out that there are 9 things
on the list  - and they are ALL checked!)

It's a lot of stuff, but just get it.  Oh! And I forgot one more (another thing added here)

Your Friend,

(My Kid)


A while back I posted an article on E-How on How to make sure Santa reads your letter.  I think I need to have the kid read it now, especially #3. 

 "Just get it"  ? ? ?    

Oh boy. Good thing the letter's not to me!

1 comment:

Mary Ann said...

KK, kids can be so much fun. I always tell moms with small children to really, really pay attention and focus on enjoying them.

My youngest is 30 years old and I think about how fast the time went.

Mary Ann