Friday, November 12, 2010

Will You Celebrate World Kindness Day With me Tomorrow?

Girl Helping Cat at Cat Fountain, Positano, Campania, Italy
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It does not take much, really, to be kind.  A lingering smile and a second's delay can lift even the saddest mood.  I know because I have experienced it, many many times. 

What would really make you feel nice?  What could someone do for you that would warm your heart?  I don't mean people you know well, but strangers, or perhaps acquaintances.  Let's make a list, then see if we can turn it around. 

  1. Let someone in front of you in line (Driving or at grocery, wherever)
  2. If at a place where you wait in line to pay (coffee shop, fast food drive through, making purchase at a store, etc), give the cashier $5.00 (or whatever you wish) toward the next person in line's bill.
  3. Make a couple of batches of cookies or brownies, (or for something a little healthier, try Honey Milk Balls) and separate into plastic bags with several in each. Leave at front doors where you know people are home, knock and run! (or don't run, just give them to them and smile, and walk away)
  4. Write a letter to someone and mail it. 
  5. Send someone flowers
  6. Visit someone in prison, or in a nursing home.
  7. Call in to a radio station and ask them to broadcast your offer to do whatever you can do for someone for free (cut their hair, photograph them, change their oil, give them a ride somewhere, babysit, backup their computer, organize their closet, etc)
  8. Think of your two favorite single guy and girl friends, and play matchmaker
  9. Adopt a new pet from a local animal shelter
  10. Have a yard sale and give everything away free

That's my top ten.  Do you have more ideas? Feel free to add to the list in your comments.  You might also check out the main link for World Kindness Day for more ideas.  I plan to tweet it out tomorrow. Will update this post during the day, then report on how it went afterward.

Thanks everyone for joining in!

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