Monday, September 13, 2010

The Uns Latest Project Unveiling

We're doing a new launch
(we being the "Uns"..... of Pat O'Bryan's Portable Empire Coaching Class)
The page is up! 
Everyone participating has a free product offer for you. 
It is still a work in progress.....slowly evolving,
but here is a brief summary of what we've got for you so far:
Overcome wine list intimidation and learn how to easily navigate a wine list
(could be a great way to impress a date... I, for instance, would really be impressed) favorite line on the whole site "Hint:  what not to do with the cork"!
I laughed so hard.  That's by Geoff Hoff. He is a great writer and a funny guy!
Next is a collection of products (this is a package for sale) from Chuck Pennington
It's kind of a "cloud nine" maintenance project.  Tools for when you're coming
down from a mountain top experience and how to stay up there in the clouds
for a little longer (or forever if you really do it right!).....
anyway, Chuck's freebie is there too, on the right side of his sales page.
it's a meditation to "change programming at the core of your human operating system"
This is a fitting title because Chuck is a "systems" guy, but also he's very spiritual
and smart, and has a huge heart.  You'll like his stuff a lot!
Mine is the report I did on developing a "Sense of Infusion" - Law of Attraction
for Women.
My friend Martha Giffen did an ebook on "Twitter Tweet Tips" - we all call her
the Twitter Queen... (mainly cuz she's such a Southern Belle... she has got
to be the Queen of something!).... no really - I love the way Martha writes.
She will inspire you to get moving and quickly!
Mountain Jim, who would rather pull out his eye teeth than do a lot of the stuff
required to run an online business, has figured out some neat outsourcing tricks
which he freely shares in his "quick start guide to outsourcing online".
I hung out with Jim a little at UnSeminar 7. He's really down to earth and
laid back.  If he can get it done while on not "doing", he shows you how to
as well.
There is another one from someone I don't know called "Facebook Marketing"
(Actually I think I do know her, but I don't know her by the name on her
site, so I'm not sure if it's who I think it is or not....) - anyway if it is her,
she's great. If it's not her, I'm sure she's still great.  (All the Uns are Great!)
The headliner for today is from Connie Ragen Green (who is big time now
with her own book!  see my post from a few days ago about it. We're so proud!)
Connie, a former teacher, is giving away an ebook that teaches you how to
teach internet marketing.  (wouldn't that be like being a professor?)
So..... go get your fun free stuff from some really dedicated people, and
don't forget to keep checking back - more stuff will be added!
photo:  Unseminar 7, October 2009, San Antonio
Left to Right: KK, Mtn Jim, Martha Giffen, Elaine Wilson

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Mtn Jim Fisher said...

Nice job KK! Your rock...:-)

Great rockstar photo too ;-)

Mtn Jim