Friday, September 10, 2010

Could things Get any Better?

This might be a good time for a good brain washing.
(no....not that kind of brain washing........ )
I mean it might be a good time to clean out some of the cobwebs.
Get rid of any negativity you might have in there that could
be holding you back.  You may not even realize it.  That's okay.
You don't have to spend 5 years on a therapist couch to figure
out all the reasons why.
You don't need to be some kind of super fragilistic mystic guru
The big "negativity purge" is easy, and it's actually quite pleasant.
You see, my friend Trapper Sherwood is a certified hypnotist.... but not the
kind who dangles a locket in front of you and tries to make you
do dumb things in front of an audience.  He's the kind who, with
his calming and kind voice, helps improve your life. 
One of his specialties
is helping you get a good night's sleep.
One of the things that may make it hard to sleep sometimes is
all the junk you keep hanging around in your mind.  So he and
his friends got together to work on the perfect project to help
us get rid of all that junk and do an easy mind reboot. 
They call it a "Total Life Solution in a Box".... and the name
of the set of audios is called "Mantra Life".
(yep that's an affiliate link.....)
You do not have to get all scientificky or any of that mumbo jumbo.
All you have to know is the audios are pleasant, and they work.
Thanks and all my best to you!
Oh - and one more thing.  They made it super affordable for us.
Not some big pricey dicey thing for people who already have
it all anyway, but something we can get and use right away.
Plus, if that weren't enough, they have a money back guarantee -
45 days!  You love it or you get a refund. You'll definitely love
it by then.... you'll be a whole new and better person!

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