Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let's do us up a Life Map!

Forget "Mind Maps".  We can think about it till we're blue in the face.  It's time to take some fun action, Y'all!
I have just discovered Stever Robbins' Book: 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More and am having so much fun with it!  Turns out Stever Robbins knows me, because in some weird way,he is me.  Here is what I mean.  All those times when you're in the room with someone in an awkward situation, and you seem to be having a conversation, but no one is actually saying anything... there was a ton of chatter in your head.  Am I right?  Stever knows that chatter too. He has figured out a way to yank the bad chatter out of your brain and get you thinking more in line with the good stuff (the little voice).  Simple, organized, methodical (sounds yucky I know but trust me....he is really funny and the exercises will make you feel great!), Stever seems to have a gentle hand on my shoulder as I work through the book, laughing with me, cheering me on.  He's like a life coach in your pocket.
Positive inner talk is only a smidgen of what he teaches in the book though (and I'm only on chapter two).  This whole biz about making a Life Map  - in so many ways, is simple common sense.  So why didn't I just do it already?  Because I thought I did not know it was possible, so simply.  I am, I admit, lazy.  Stever's got a new design for lazy people with goals.  He shows us how to get more done by doing less, and to feel better about doing it in the process.
I am really bad about setting goals, but after reading just a little bit of the book, I am getting really clear on what I want to achieve already.  Not just the end result, either, but the "sub goals" in my "ladder" as well.

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