Monday, June 7, 2010

Yellow Hippos - #blog30 challenge post 6

What a chaotic scene!  Organized chaos though it was, we still had a time trying to figure out where we were supposed to be. Although we are not members there, I decided to let my kid participate in vacation bible school at the humongous church near our home this week. Being an only child, he craves any chance he can get to be around other kids.  I know several people who attend this particular church and feel pretty comfortable leaving my kid there.  
Now imagine 700 kids and parents and volunteers (who were as clueless as we were) trying to find their right spot, and you will have some idea of our predicament.  Thankfully I had registered him online and overheard someone directing another person to "the list". 
Are we on the list?  Let's check the list!  We rush to the board with the list.  I have forgotten my reading glasses.  I am an old mom of a young kid.  (it has its challenges)  "Look for the K's, Hunny... Do you see your name?"
"Here I am Mom!" my redheaded wonder exclaims.  I stick my eyeball to the board and confirm he is on the list!  Whoosh!  One less hurdle!  Okay, so the "list" determined that he is classified as a "Yellow Hippo".  I'm getting cracked up.  Now we must find all the other Yellow Hippos, then we know we're in the right spot.
Takes a few minutes dragging the poor boy around a sanctuary bigger than my college football stadium to find some Yellow Hippos.  The ones who have figured out where they are supposed to be already are holding up signs.  What a scene!  Alas, these yellow hippos were third graders.  We need 2nd grade yellow hippos.  Onward.
Nope, the hippos are not seated together, neither are the yellows, or the 2nd graders for that matter.  It is a huge, yet somehow beautiful, mosaic of children and excitement and expectation and noise. 
"Maaaaahhhuuuummm, quit pulling on me!"
"Sorry, Son. We need to find the 2nd Grade Yellow Hippos"
Finally we find them way up in the far corner, nosebleed section.  The noise is so loud he doesn't hear me tell him goodbye.  He's already hangin' with his new friends.  I sigh and walk away.  Have a good time, Baby.
Handsome Hippo

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Michele Scism said...

Hey Karen, I am sitting here with a big smile on my face. I so remember those days! My children are now 16 and 19 and those seem like long lost days. I know your yellow hippo will have a great summer!

Great to meet you - from 1 blog30 participant to another!