Sunday, June 6, 2010

Loving through Anger - Post 5, #Blog30 Challenge

I love to give advice, but do not always take my own.  I am not always easy to live with and have a tendency to be quick to anger in some situations.  My husband is not immune to this behavior.  He has his own issues, which usually, (thankfully actually) have little to do with mine.
So the other evening we were both angry at each other.  I think for completely different reasons.  Words were said, feelings were hurt, and we stopped speaking for the night. 
I have found that I can generally get over my angry stuff in a few minutes, but he takes a  little longer sometimes.  Waiting for him to get over it is usually the hard part for me, and if he takes too long about it, I have been known to get angry with him all over again.  This is pretty much where we were the other night. Me over it, him not, me wanting to get frustrated with him for not getting over it fast enough. 
Then I just made up my mind to let him be mad, and muster up all the love I could feel for him at that very moment.  It was not easy, and it did not happen until I stood up, walked up behind him, wrapped my arms around his neck and planted my lips on his cheek.  When he didn't brush me off, I let out a big sigh, gave him a kiss, then went on to bed. Neither of us spoke, and I slept just fine.  Next morning we were fine.
Sometimes loving doesn't need to be much, but can mean  a lot.

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