Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I am Brown Pelican

I am Brown Pelican. 
I live peacefully in southern coastal waters.
I hunt fish with my piercing eagle eyes and large bowl of a bill.
I can sit, stoic, on dock posts for hours. I am Digesting.  I am Observing.  I see quite a lot.
I see ships and boats and dolphins and planes.
I see storms and heat and magnanimous sunsets.
I am Brown Pelican. 
I am key chains and T shirts and vacation packed memories.
I soar as I hunt, my great feathered wings hovering inches from water.
I feel the foam of the sea. I feel the mist in my face.  I see my pray.
I dive.
I am Brown Pelican.
... I feel so heavy.
I sting. I sting!
I can barely move or breathe.
I am caught in something thick. 
Now I cannot move.
I am hungry.
I am weak.
I am Brown Pelican.
I am Brown.
I am.

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