Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good Stuff Rising from a Troubled Sea: #Blog30 Post #8

Yesterday I allowed myself to get emotionally tangled up in the plight of our beloved Brown Pelicans caught in the oil.
Today, thanks to some good people who remind me of the immense wonder in the world, I focus on healing, and new beginnings.
First, Joe Vitale and Pat O'Bryan, two of my favorite people on the planet, have teamed up to give away a beautiful audio with clearing music and statements to help us bring the change of healing to our troubled waters.  I have listened to the audio several times already and can attest to its healing, calming, hopeful properties.
Later, on the news I overheard John Tesh talking about a project he has started on Facebook:  A program called "Adopt a Fisherman" to provide immediate assistance to families whose livelihood is in jeapardy due to the oil spill
There are people sending help from all corners of the earth.  Not just cleaning my precious pelicans but sending real relief to real people who really need it.
I have known a few Cajuns in my lifetime, and they are not typically ones to let much get them down.  However, this is a travesty most of them have never seen, and they can do very little about it. 
Vanity Fair has some good suggestions on how we can help:
Visit Lousiana: Go to New Orleans and support Louisiana tourism.
Buy Lousiana seafood: The Louisiana Departments of Health, Fisheries, and Environmental Quality are continuously testing the waters and fishing supplies, and there has been no evidence that contaminated products have made their way to the market.
Support Catholic Charities’ direct-assistance work: They are helping people now and your dollars will go directly to those in need. Click here.
Support Seedco Financial’s work: The nonprofit provides guidance and resources to help small businesses recover their financial strength. Click here.
If you’re on the Gulf Coast: Report oil on land to N.O.A.A. by calling 866-448-5816, and report oiled or injured wildlife to N.O.A.A. by calling 866-557-1401.
Drew Brees Talks about how he is stepping up:
TriState Bird and Rescue is organizing Volunteer efforts. If you want to help physically, this is who you need to call.
Click here to submit your suggestion to Deepwater Horizon Response Unified Command for "stopping the flow of oil into the Gulf, containing or recovering it, or cleaning it up.", or alternatively, call 281-366-5511.
Got a boat and want to help?  Contact the The Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board 
This is just a start, Y'all, but everybody should find some way here to get involved in healing our beautiful Gulf Waters.
Peace to all and Thank you~

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