Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Passion into Cash Project : The Kickstarter Campaign

I applied for funding to educate myself on a project I am working on with friends called "the Passion into Cash Project".  Below is a copy of the application I sent to Kickstarter, which is a website that merges backers with people with ideas. 
I have been working with some friends on this for a few months now. We each have found a niche we are passion about working in and have seen varying degrees of success within a fairly short amount of time. What we would like to do is teach others how to make a real living by doing something they love to do. We are not quite to this point ourselves, however, and this is where you come in. I am embarking on a journey to find the absolute best teachers out there to help us reach our goal (of making an honest living doing what we love) and teaching others how to do the same. I have a couple of mentors and am making progress, but believe there is a better and more efficient way to get this project rolling and bringing in enough cash to support ourselves in a shorter amount of time. Most of us involved in the project have either a day job or a secondary source of income, so we are not solely supported (yet) by doing what we love to do. There is a way to make it happen: we all believe this. What I am searching for is the best and most efficient path to make that happen, and then to share it with the world~!

Last year I managed to get funding to attend two workshops by getting sponsored for the events. I wore links on my clothing and held promotions for the sponsors prior to each event. I am willing to do this on a larger scale for those who support my journey for the remainder of 2010. I would like to attend at least 3 different seminars and take at least 3 courses which support our passion into cash theme. While at the events I will again wear links and provide other attendees with any schwag or freebies my sponsors (funders) would like to offer.

To reference my previously sponsored events, please see The Ironed Out Diva

To see my little blog, which is one of my passions and my main “hub” site, please see Cafe Elsewhere

To see the project I started for the Passion into Cash project, please see Learn to Concentrate

The passion into cash project has not launched our first product yet, but there is a domain and brief signup page, if you would like to see proof that it is coming, see My Passion, into Cash

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Cafe Elsewhere said...

Oh well, it was worth a try! Thanks anyway....

Here's the response from Kickstarter:

Hi Karen --

Thanks for reaching out. Appreciate you taking the time to share your idea.

Kickstarter is focused on creative projects -- look around the site and you'll see what I mean. Your project sounds interesting, but it isn't what we're focused on.