Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Building 17

The complex where I just moved to is so big, I keep having to ask my neighbors where things are. These brief conversations all seem to have a pattern:

“Can you tell me where the dumpster is?”

“Sure. It’s in the corner of the lot in back of building 17”.

“Do you know where the kids get on the bus?”

“Down by the gate at the end of the row from building 17”

After hitting several dead ends and gates, I ask “How do I drive to the other side of the complex?”

“Turn left at building 17. That takes you all the way around”

Know where the playground is? It’s up the hill from building 17.

From reading this you might guess that building 17 is the “Hub” of the complex, dead center, middle of it all, but it is not. It is a regular looking building that does not seem any different from any of the others: Yet somehow it has become the reference point for most of the landmarks in the complex by the community who lives here.

It is interesting how people gravitate to certain habits when in a community setting. Someone emerges as a leader, and perhaps begins to use building 17 as a point of reference, and others naturally fall in to place. The originator of the building 17 reference may not even live in the complex anymore. Regardless, the pattern is set and will likely continue as long as the apartment buildings remain standing.

Perhaps there is something within you which acts as your reference point. It might have to do with a physical feeling, a certain part of your body, a particular emotion, or a simple thought. Think for a minute what it might be. What is the one thing from which you reference everything else? Does it seem to shift from one thing to another depending on circumstances, or is it stable and constant?

If you meditate, you may already be keenly aware of the things which “center” you. These are things which might be helpful to use as a good reference point. Rather than letting emotions ball up and a fit of rage be our (boiling) point of reference, it might be a good thing to move toward your center at all times, no matter what. No matter how hungry or angry or tired or frustrated or sad or whatever you might feel, move toward your centering thing: Your building 17.

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