Saturday, January 16, 2010

Are You a Linchpin?

As a fan and follower of Seth Godin, I had the opportunity to preview his new book Linchpin, coming out January 26th.  As a longtime student of Sociology and Culture, I was thrilled to find out that while he does address the reader personally, the linchpin theory is really more about how we view our role in our tribes, or culture.  As one who has forever been trying to fit my somewhat oddball and gangly self into a pre-defined role, I am even more thrilled, ecstatic even, to learn, that that is now, finally, a good thing!

Linchpin explains, and then encourages readers to re-define how we view work.  We are more creative than most of us give ourselves credit for.  This is a good thing, because, according to Godin, that is what society is screaming for!  He challenges us to break the mold in our working lives and learn to express ourselves  and approach our work creatively:  how that is in itself our gift to the world.  Managers and bosses for the most part, I think, may at first scoff at his ideas, but collectively, if we all begin to show the goodness we have to give individually, creatively, perhaps the shining moment we tend to dream about may come to fruition… on a regular basis! Not only that, but society as a whole as well as individual bosses will benefit, including those who hold the thumb of control on the current work ethic we have all been trained to follow.  It simply is not enough anymore to be “normal’.

I highly recommend the book for anyone, no matter what role or rung on the company ladder you currently inhabit.  The whole picture is changing, and ladders will soon be the way of the past.  Start building your own steps and see where the company goes with you as their linchpin!


Andy Dolph said...

Linchpin sounds very exciting - it seems to tie in very nicely with the work of Daniel Pink who I've been talking about on my blog.

His last book A Whole New Mind is all about the importance of right brain/creative thinking in the modern world.


Anonymous said...
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