Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Turn Back the Clock!

Tempus fugit landscape
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Tomorrow morning, the Doomsday Clock will be reset. Currently it sits at 5 minutes till midnight.

We will not find out until tomorrow if it is being set forward or back.

Let us take today to think good thoughts about our Earth, our lives, our planet. Let us be thankful and loving. Let us hope that our good energy perhaps can effect change today. Perhaps we can push back the clock, and give negativity a little less time in the limelight.

Can we do this? Can we manifest time? Can we bring more time on earth? I would venture to say that is the whole purpose of the clock, is it not? We are being "warned" so that we might make a change. Tomorrow we find out of we have done that to the good, or not so good. We have one more day to posit a difference before then.

And after that? We have a whole lifetime! Even at 5 minutes to midnight, we have eons in people years!

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