Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An Inspired project: A gift from the Heart.

One of my good friends, MJ Schrader of Rockstar Guide
Books, has followed her inner voice and created a truly inspired project that I am proud to be a part of.

At  http://365OnlineTips.com , MJ provides a success related article and includes a quote and inspirational note for every day. The articles are written by sponsors of the day, who are promoted on the website, a fan page and a couple other places. Sponsors also get an ebook at the beginning of the month that we can give to our readers.

Since the site was “just born” and I was a founding sponsor, I have an ebook already. Volume 1a includes some great tips,advice and guidance to help you reach success. I am sending the ebook to my list in a couple of days.  It is really impressive!

Sign up with the newsletter at http://365OnlineTips.com to get a daily dose of inspiration. Stop by the site  anytime for success tips.

The site is ready and waiting for sponsors, which is really great
advertising. You can visit http://365onlinetips.com/buy-spot/ to
read more about it.(I just checked and Feb 14ths is still available!)
What a great day to inspire someone!

As a founding sponsor I have a coupon for my readers! You get 50% off any
of sponsor package you decide to get if you mention that I
referred you!

If you buy a day you pay for the value of the day, however if you
get the 4 Day package, you get 4 days for $400. Of course after
the 50% off that's only $200! That's an awesome deal of only
$50 a day. You get a lot of promotion each day plus the ebook
at the end of the month!

But sponsor or not, there is a lot of inspiration each day. Sign up
at http://365OnlineTips.com and see what all you get!


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