Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meteor Shower Tonight - Watch Leo Constellation

Because we are under a new moon, and because the Leonid meteor shower is still coming down from a strong phase that only ended 7 years ago, we are poised all over the northern hemisphere for a superb light show tonight!

You do not need to head to the local park or city square to view. This is put on free of charge by the universe. Just head to your back yard, or out to a back yard in the country if you're in the city, and look up!

Find the Leo Constellation, as that is where the show really begins. Facing East from the Americas, the Leo Constellation is to the right and slightly below the big dipper.

The catch? You will need to be up between 1 and 4 am. Tough, but worth it for a show like this. The eeriness of the hour makes it all that more mysterious. (am I dreaming?)

This event makes me wonder. We miss so much. There are so many billions of awesome things in this world to behold. There is no way to take it all in. Yet, even with what is right here before us, we still miss so much. I think, for me, I am going to accept this gift and take a look. How many times can you say you have seen a meteor shower? How many more times in our lives will it happen to take place during a new moon in a blackened night sky for us to see so clearly?

I do not think there is a wide enough lens or the perfect enough equipment to capture this event as well as our own naked eye. If you wait to watch on the news, you will miss the effect. Get up and go see. I want to hear how it affects you.

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