Monday, November 16, 2009

Praying from the Red

I Can’t find a way out of this! I am so desperate! Please God Help me!

Ever felt that way? I call it “Praying from the red”… a sort of 'last ditch' effort to turn to God. No nurtured spiritual strength to draw on, we wait until there is little or no hope for our pitiful situation to ask God for help.

Daily prayer, a habit, is how I suggest we keep our spiritual “reserve” from falling into the Red in the first place. I sometimes get to that place, and only then am I able to remind myself that prayer works. But “best if used everyday” rather more like a vitamin than a pain killer.

How exactly do Angels work? I have a theory that in heaven everything is quite well organized. Not by time or space, but by the type of needs we have in prayer.

World War 2 for example might be in the same “room” as 9.11. Same angels, trained in handling, say, sudden mass loss of life due to human intent, might be the ones assigned to that room….and since that’s a significantly more stressful situation than, say, saving little Julie’s dog from injuries resulting in being hit by a car, that the angels might rotate….not that they are human and would be stressed out to the max… necessarily, just that it seems any “being” might need to be exposed to equal amounts of joy to counter such sorrow.

Do you ever wonder how many times you’ve been “saved” by God and his angels? The “near misses” you might never notice? I can picture in my mind a sort of organized chaos going on….like it’s God on the loud speaker at Wal-Mart:

“Impending car wreck on aisle 5: Unscheduled loss off life probable: all available certified wreck avoiding angels please assist!
Or maybe something like

“Baby breach sector 8: Angels needed to guide doctors, calm parents, and save baby”

Ever want to just thank God for, you know, whatever he might have done for you that you don’t know about… Sort of a general thank you prayer? Like on It’s a Wonderful Life when Clarence reminds George of certain times in his life when God was with him. Don’t we all kind of want to know about those times for ourselves? What makes that movie so popular if that isn’t at least a big part of it?

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