Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

It's hard to believe Mickey Mouse is 81 years old today! As we look back on all the funtimes we and our kids, and for most of us, out parents have had while being entertained by this lovable mouse, I feel a sense of gratitude for the squeaky voiced litte guy. He is the king of Disney for sure, but it was not always that way. Mickey followed in the footsteps of Donald Duck, who still has not forgiven him for passing him up in popularity.

My early memories of Mickey Mouse include Pluto, who for some reason was my favorite for a long time. Perhaps it's his big feet. I always had big feet too, and unlike Mickey, they weren't cute. I was more clumsy like poor old Pluto. I liked Dumbo too. Mickey was a little too persnickity for my taste. Always the underdog, that was me. I grew to appreciate him though, especially after meeting him "in person" at Disney world (At least I thought he was the "real" Mickey at the time....)

Can you think of the first time you ever saw Mickey Mouse? Was it the very early "Steamboat Willie" cartoon?

Maybe it was the "Mouseketeers" that first brought your attention to our hero?

My husband's given name was Mickey and he literally changed it to Michael because he got so tired of everyone always singing to him "M.I.C......K.E.Y..... M.O.U.S.E." But kidding aside, What fun times our lovable friend has bestowed on our lives - for a score shy of a century no less!

Mickey came to be during tough times, and now, as we face tough times again, let us be thankful for the laughter and love he brings us still. My son still enjoys playing a game with "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" as they figure out how to solve problems every day on the Disney Channel.

My personal favorite Mickey Mouse memory has to be Fantasia. The great "comeback" story for Mickey, Fantasia is a story in and of itself.

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