Friday, November 20, 2009

Bugatti Billionaire Mastermind and a What Rhymes with Orange?

Can you think of a word that rhymes with "orange"? There are very few. One is "Blorenge" as in "Blorenge Mountain", located in southeast Wales. The question posed to Who wants to be a millionaire contestant Sam Murray today was just that, and by golly, the bartender from Philly got it!

It is heartwarming to hear of a good ole boy becoming a millionaire in one instant, and certainly makes for good entertainment!

Wishing Mr. Murray the best with his new found fame and wealth. Now if you are a long lost cousing of Sam, please heed my advice and give the boy time to get his "money legs" before you go poking your hand out at him. Many new millionaires lose their wealth quickly because they do not know what to do with it all, and when folks come knocking, they do not know how to say no. Let's give the boy some time to sort through all the red tape.

Most of us will earn our "millions" more gradually, and though it may be a tough road, we can certainly make a good go of it! My friend Joe Vitale loves to dream big, but he is not one I would really call a "dreamer". He's more of a "Do-dreamer" than a "day dreamer". In other words, he dreams it up and before you can blink twice he's already acted on it. He will go from newly hatched idea to finished product and rolled out in a jiffy! He already runs a regular mastermind session in his Rolls Royce Phantom for 5k a head, but that is just not big enough, Joe explains in his latest blog post. Now his friends are encouraging him to do one in the Scorpion he is waiting for.... and Joe says, "Hey, why not a Bugatti!".... or even a Jet!

So While Dr. Vitale dreams of billions, and Sam tries not to spend his million all at once, I think I'll keep writing and dreaming and doing and doing and writing and dreaming and..... well, I will get there eventually!

Philly bartender wins big on Millionaire

Bugatti Billionaire Mastermind

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