Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Woman Who Sang Past Fear

When I was growing up, I played piano, guitar, and I sang a little. My Daddy used to try to get me to sing in front of people, or play for guests at my parents' frequent dinner parties, and sometimes I would oblige, but always reluctantly. I was very shy, and so so afraid to share my gift. It is a shame. I could have been really really good, I think, if I had not been such a scaredy cat.

That is why, when I listened to this gal's voice today, Ms Sarah Marie, I was so excited for her...not just because of the "Wow" of her voice, but because of the accompanying story that she stepped past her fears and asked my friend Dr. Joe Vitale if she could sing him a song. Joe, the wonderful person he is, of course coaxed her on and had the fortitude to ask my other friend Pat O'Bryan to film it.

What she gave to Joe, to the crowd, and us, is a pure-as-fresh-fallen-snow, liquid soprano voice that shakes the very core of my "way to go little sister" soul!

May you have many many more moments when you have the guts to share your gifts, Sarah!

The Woman Who Sang Past Fear

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