Monday, February 16, 2009

When is blue string not just blue string?

Question: When is blue string not just blue string?
Answer: When it's marking out the borders of a whole new life.

Jeff Power and friends at Global Hope Network are doing an extraordinary thing this week: They are taking money raised from all over the world during a special campaign for one young man in a small Ethiopian village. They are building a home and setting up a small store for this teenage boy who has lost his arms, and his brothers. This is a beautiful Story, but even more powerful is the way Jeff and his team have managed to pull so many into this cause. Jeff has been tireless in his efforts to get the word out. I cannot tell you how many times he sent me personal messages, pleading with me to help him get the word out. I really am excited to see this come to fruition. Both for Jeff and for Askelew, for whom this project benefits. Thank you Jeff for your dedication and passion, and for bringing so many of us into this small village, reminding us that hope prevails even where once it might have been lost.

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