Sunday, February 22, 2009

The GOOD NEWS about the Economy and the State of the World

From my friend Rebecca, who studies Abraham Hicks. Her recent reading on enlightenment reflects different sources of the same basic messages. Our electing President Obama is through "collective thought" , which is the direction the nation and the world, according to her research, is going. I recently set up a squidoo page on the Age of Aquarius with quotes from spiritual leaders and Obama which claim this very point. Collective Conciousness is no less than team spirit at a much higher and larger level. Feeling connected to other people across the globe because of a shared passion, or vision, is an incredibly positive way to grow, individually and together, toward a common purpose. Find a cause you believe in or care about, get involved, and begin to feel the positive energy of that connection.

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Rebecca said...

Hey Girl!

I've got you on my blog roll now.

Thanks for the plug!

God Bless You and your fantastic financial future!

Kamal Bhakuni said...

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