Friday, February 27, 2009

"Only the Good" Friday

Some friends of mine have started a new thing they call "Only the Good Friday". Their mission is to make Fridays a day everyone only does and says good things, only good news is broadcast, and only good deeds are done. That may be a tall order, but we can certainly work together to give it a try!

Makes me think of the ironically upbeat song of similar saying by Billy Joel "Only the Good Die Young", which is really about a young man trying to convince his Catholic school "goodie goodie" girlfriend to take a little bit of risk and come out from behind her "stained glass curtain" . He exclaims "they never told you the price that you pay for things that you might have done". I say get out there and do good things for others and for yourself! It is okay to take a little bit of risk, step outside of your comfort zone and do something new (and good!) for a nice change. Just one thing, today, on our new special day of the week "Only the Good" Friday.
Other good stuff:

  • My friend Larry started a new Ning site for people who like to use Twitter. It is a fun new place for "people who love to network". The Let's Follow Each Other social network just started yesterday and is technically still "not ready for prime time" according to Larry, but the 50 + members who are there already are super and making some wonderful contributions to this new community.

  • One of the members of a new Mastermind group I am involved in has created a really funny video which he released Monday, in step with the Oscar theme. I had a good chortle to start off my week. What a trip! See the Shocking Voice Transplant and laugh with me!
  • I finally got out of my writing slump and started back doing my Visually Inspired Meditations. I wrote one this week for my dear husband Michael whose birthday was Wednesday : Verge of Sundown.
  • I have been listening to BlogTalkRadio lately, and recently found a wonderful show by "The Fly Lady". She has apparently been around for several years but I just discovered her. At first I thought she was for SAHM's and that it was all about cleaning house, but I soon discovered it was more about relationships, and being good to yourself, and finding the good in everyone. She is a very caring and loving person and I have come to adore her! Give her a listen sometime!

Here is a challenge for you who tweet: Write about something good on a Friday, tweet the link to me in an @reply to and I will retweet it... Fridays only! Don't forget!

Looking forward to more good "Friday" stuff!

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