Saturday, February 14, 2009

What Can't You Do?

The Next Internet Millionaire reunion panel at JV Alert Live, Feb. 08.
From left to right -David Hancock, Eric Holmlund, Nico Pisani,
Jaime Luchuck,Alisande Chan, Jason Marshall,
Thor Schrock, Dan Nickerson, Joel Comm.

Another jewel from Joel Comm: "A real joint venture is about more than bringing a market to a product. It's about bringing together partners whose skills complement each other."

Regarding his work at Yahoo Games: "We teamed up. He brought one skill, I brought another and we achieved together something that neither of us could have achieved alone"

The above photo is the Next Internet Millionaire reunion panel from the recent JV Alert Live event by Ken McArthur. Joel rocked the house with his I Phone application presentation. I have been following several of these wonderful people since the event in 2006. Notably missing is Charles Trippy, who was the runner up for the event. My favorite was Nico Pisani, because of his incredibly giving spirit and willingness to be a team player. They were all good folks, though. It was a fun show.

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