Friday, January 2, 2009

Twitwall found the winner in Warren Whitlock's #happy09

Warren Whitlock started a phenomenon with his #happy09 giveaway contest on New Year's Eve via Twitter. What started out as an intention for just a few gifts turned into more than he could handle and a plethora of followers for anyone who tweeted #happy09. The best thing of all, according to Warren himself, was the gift of connecting with others who have meaningful content and a passion. Some have a passion for art, others for social consciousness, some for their own peace of mind. I met so many new awesome people through that contest that I feel a new sense of resolve for the direction of our nation, our world, this earth for the upcoming year.

I really cannot even put into words the gratitude I feel for these new friends. A small gesture in the beginning turned into a huge undertaking, and Warren was most definitely up to the task. He hung in for the whole process and followed through with total commitment to all who chose to partake in the endeavor. I really believe, due to this experience, that many of us will have a #happy09 of even greater proportions than any of us can even fathom at this point!

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