Thursday, January 29, 2009

Time to Fail

As Joel Comm puts it, you need to allow yourself time to fail. For every successful venture, there are likely many failures which precede it. He stresses that while we do need to recognize a failure when it happens, we do not need to give in to fear of failure. Expect that sometimes your great idea will lead nowhere, and move on to the next one! Setting aside time to brainstorm and experiment is vital to your growth. Constantly try new things with the understanding that not everything will be a success. He says "If we try ten ideas and one works, that's good enough. We'll have had fun with the other nine and we'll still have made money. "
I appreciate Joel's enthusiasm for everything he does. He really likes to branch out and try all kinds of new ideas. We can learn a great deal from Joel and others like him who are not afraid to branch out, take chances and even fall on your face sometimes.

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