Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finding the perfect Joint Venture Partner

Another super article from Joel Comm:

Decide "whether you're a dreamer or a doer... then team up with someone who complements you. If you have a million ideas buzzing through your head and none on the drawing board, find a friend with practical skills and form a partnership. If you're the sort who can't wait to get started, find someone with a plan and offer a pair of hands"

Simple logic indeed, but we tend to forget, (I know I do) that we are not equpped to handle everything. We all have our gifts. The biggest advantage you have in being successful is to recognize your strengths, nurture them, and find the perfect partner to help you with the things you are not so good at. I have recently started a project with two friends. One of them is happy to do the "techie" stuff (which I hate) and another is all about boundless enthusiasm and energy. I try to portray those qualities, but have realized my real strengths lie in my intuition and ability to find a problem and solve it. So we three have the perfect "team" - a technologist, a cheerleader, and a dreamer. The project is in process but I am willing to share the site with you my dear readers, for a preview: Serenity Meditations is my new baby!

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