Friday, December 26, 2008

Wind Chimes And Monks - How Music can transform your mood

My friend Kate got together with our mutual friend and musician Claus Jensen to discuss his music, and her impression of it. I have to agree with her. He is helping me on a meditation project and he really does have the gift of creating music that inspires creativity in us all.

His passion is inspiring the child, but I think he inspires the child in us all. Claus himself is a work of art. He exudes a peaceful presence. He is a gift. Please visit him and see for yourself what I mean!

How we got together is a gift as well. All three of us are fans of Pat O'Bryan , who recently started a forum for all who believe in miracles, called "Milagro World". The meeting of the three of us, and countless other incredible people was not by chance. We all intend to meet and find the people to help us on our journey. Milagro World is our avenue. Join us if you will be warmly welcomed. But whatever you do, take action. All the dreams in the world need some kind of action. I invite you now to take it!

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1 comment:

kate loving shenk said...

Happy New Year, KK!!

What you wrote hear reminds me of Buddha philosophy--that we all need each other to be enlightened or in our case, at Milagro Forum, to be successful.

Does Enlightenment=Success??


Depends on your definition, no doubt!!