Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Israeli Intelligence Official's Daughter Jailed for Refusing to Serve in the Military

Teenagers in Israel are taking a stand against violence - at great personal cost to themselves. Omer Goldman, 19, is a member of a group who call themselves the "Shministim". They are peaceful objectors who are being jailed for refusal to serve in the military because of the government's use of violence to fight violence. These brave kids deserve our respect and support for refusing to take up arms. Please send them a message that you care~

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How many times have you taken a great risk to your personal freedom and integrity in order to stand up for something or someone you believe in? It takes great courage and personal sacrifice to take such actions. I do not know, were I in these kids' situation, if I would be able to take such a dramatic stand.

In honor of these brave kids, I encourage you to do just one small thing today to take action for something or someone you believe in. Wherever your heart takes you, allow yourself the freedom to act in some way toward the greater good for your personal beliefs. Not only will you be doing a favor for your cause, but you will be doing a huge favor for yourself. Sending positive energy in a new direction can take you to places you may not have even considered going before. This action on your part can open you up to brand new and positive posibilities. Let your spirit soar a little today, and see where it leads!

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Brad West said...

As an advocate of woman's rights, and one who knows and lives each day knowing to listen to the views and witness the power of Ideas. Talking about what Sheryl is doing on the internet, since at this point that is what we live and breath.

Miss Goldman is taking a stand that could have a real positive effect on the world. I for one have her in my thoughts. Because if things don't go her way who knows what the circumstances will be.

Great choice to highlight.
Brad West ~ onomoney