Friday, December 5, 2008

What we can do to eradicate AIDS from 3rd world countries

Simple ideas about how we can help, no specific requests for money, just good common sense approaches on this world killer. Jeff Power's blog on PANGEO is a beautiful site to discover the grace of people who express their love by giving their time to help the people in some of the most hard hit places... a refreshing and hopeful place to visit.

It is such humane action in times of crisis that show the true nature of the human spirit. Unfortunately there is always plenty of room for more.... The more willing we are to accept the call to grace, the more need we find to fill. Anyone can feel sorry for another, but it takes strong courage and perseverance to see a vision for the needy and follow through with action. The world has many such people, but there are many more who suffer. It is up to us to bring our hearts together and seek out such people, to appreciate and encourage each gift, to express real love for the givers and the ones who need and accept them.

See the full post from World Aids Day

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Seth said...

Thank you!

I am always encouraged by the stories of people who went beyond words and provide real, productive actions to show where their passion is!