Monday, August 29, 2011

6 Tips for Giving in Tough Economic Times

2011 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Hinds-Jackson MS Making Strides

For many of us, barely scraping by, it is difficult to come up with extra money to contribute to our favorite charities.

Here are a 6 easy and fun ways to come up with extra money for giving:

1. Organize an aluminum can drive in your workplace or neighborhood, and contribute the money you make.

2. Hold a multi-family rummage sale for the cause. Make sure you let people know it is for your cause.

3. Have a potluck meal together with your co-workers or at your church or other community group, and ask everyone who comes to give a dollar (or more)

4. Decrease your gas budget for the month by carpooling or combining trips, and donate the money saved.

5. Invite kids in your neighborhood to help you with a penny drive.

6. Hold a bake sale. Brownies and Choc Chip cookies are easy and always sell well!

There are plenty more ways, but these should get you started!

Now that there are no excuses, I thank you in advance for your contribution!

Please Sponsor me in "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" Walk with the American Cancer Society

1 comment:

Mike Shippey said...

Great suggestions. I'm happy to give. It is a cause near and dear to my heart.
Hey...I named you as one of my Versatile Blogger Award winners!
Keep it moving forward!