Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's wrong with this picture?

Maybe it's because I'm in Mississippi and am overly sensitive about this,
but really!  What were they thinking?
This is a good example of knowing your customer. 
Yes, I get it.  That's not really what they mean, but
I immediately caught the blatant blunder of the term
"matches" mixed with "family tree" in the same

Too many dating site advertisements out there for me not to.
Have you seen something that's rediculously wrong out there
lately?  In this climate, there is really no reason to
muck it up. 
I have no idea about this service or if they are doing
good things, so please do not misunderstand this as
a criticism of the company.  The ad is what got me
on the tangent.
I want to see your examples - bring it!

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