Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Speaking My Language


My father was a professor of literature and philosophy.  Needless to say he liked to speak with big words and metaphors almost all the time.  My best friend and I used to get tickled sometimes when he would go off on a rant, and just look at each other with that knowing look... "what the heck is he talking about?"

I like to watch a show in CNBC late night called "American Greed", which is like a forensic fraud detective show.  The accountant in me loves to see how they catch these guys. I often fall asleep while its on however, only to wake up in the morning to sophisticated stock talk about swaps and shorts and things I cannot wrap my head around.  To me they might as well be speaking in another language.

My point is, I tend to look for people in the online world who speak the same "language" I do.  Not everyone appeals to everybody else.  There are those who just seem to "click" with me and they are the ones I consider my real people.  Some of them are people who know me, and others are simply people I admire because when they write, they seem to be speaking to me in my language.

Honestly, I have to admit, the list is fairly short, of people whom I religiously follow, for that reason.  The rest of the dozens of lists I belong to are friends I care about or people who have information I want and need. The ones I crave, the ones I really like to read, though, are the ones who talk to my heart.  That is a rare gift to me, and I am always searching for others.  When I find one, it is like Christmas morning all over again. 

Want to see my short list?

Okay, but there is a disclaimer. If you are not on it, that does not mean you won't be soon or never have been, or if you were there and are not now, you won't be again.  My heart grows and changes and the short list does too. 

Here goes:

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