Monday, November 22, 2010

New and Old, Silver and Gold: Two Social Networks especially for Marketers

These are not Facebook or My Space or anything like them really, except that they do function much the same way.  They have similar features, but with one big difference. Almost everyone who uses these two social networks are there to network in order to grow their online business.  
The first is older and quite frankly I have been a member for a long time, but since there is so much junk out there I basically set up my profile for the backlink then forgot about it. I get notices from time to time and usually delete them without paying much attention, but today I opened one (mainly because I am really getting involved in the second one and wanted to compare apples to apples) - I'm really quite impressed. First of all, it has survived for a while and has one "hook" in that it pays it's members. Without doing anything at all I have a little moolah in there, so there is that. I think the fact that it pays you makes the clientele fit into a bit narrower niche. You know they are wanting to make money online, so that is a given. If nothing else it is a nice way to find highly active "leads" if that is your thing. Take a few minutes to set yourself up, and enjoy the community there while you're at it! The most active, I think are the ones you want to connect with. It seems this community, perhaps because of the money involved, has had it's share of spammers come through. That gives them a bit of a bad rap, and it's a shame because they have a really nice setup. Join me in teaching them how those of us who are legitimate and ethical can do this without giving IM a bad name.

The second is my true baby these days.  My friend Ken McArthur and his partner Chris Moos set it up. Ken is such a kind person, I was really excited to see that he is working in this realm.  Ken even runs a training call every Wednesday night with some incredible tips on how to help us make the best of it.  The network is still in Beta.  Tobri  is different for a couple of reasons.  One is that a lot of work has gone in the front end to use the platform in many many different ways.  There are some really helpful apps to help you visualize your social reach.  This is important in marketing with today's social media.  Think about all the twitter tools out there to help you use twitter more efficiently.  These things are worked into the fabric of Tobri so that you can know from the start what is working best for you.  The people, however, are the real story.  If you know Ken McArthur at all, you know he is probably one of the nicest people out there in the world of internet marketing.  He has built a following of people who do just what he does:  Help people.  Imagine a whole network of friendly, helpful people and you begin to get an idea what Tobri is.
Join me at Tobri, and let's get something good started together!

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