Friday, October 15, 2010

How I found @BigGirlBranding and Rockin' the Shite

I love it when I find someone new to follow who is full of fresh ideas and keeps it real!  This was an (almost) random find.  I had not really thought about this when I signed up to be part of the launch of the new CocoSearch engine, but this is a really nice byproduct I must say!
I clicked on her ad, the one we all get free when we sign up.  It is really nice to only see ads when searching that are from my fellow marketers. We are all in that same boat together, so when we search, we help each other out.  It's a huge pool and we will never run out of new people to connect with.  But it is not a social network.  It's just a search engine.  I love that! A friendly nod. A smaller world to peer through. 
Okay now about who Cori is - the Diva behind "A Smart Chick's Biz Shenanigans".  A young Mom with a lot lot lot of gumption!  I love to see kids grab life in a big way, and BGB is a great example! 
Her Mission Statement:
(I think it's the Dork label required thing that really drew me in)
She has a Ginormous post of interviews from 61 entrepreneurs on ONE POST!  This could be a money maker ebook but she's just got it right there out in the open for all of us -  with videos pictures and all kinds of good content from awesome people, including Yanik Silver and Erica.Biz, tons of others, many of whom I had not yet heard of. Come to think of it, I cannot believe I did not already know about BGB herself!  She's so rockin' awesome! 
I am playing catchup now, and it may take me all weekend to get through her stuff.  Bummer. (NOT!)
Okay y'all have fun!  Go check out
And if you call yourself an entrepreneur, get your free ad on the CocoSearch Engine  and join the party!
 - I had so much fun "finding" Cori, I think I will look for more awesome Entrepreneurs to highlight.  Was I lucky to find her?  You bet!  Are there more where she came from?  We will see! Stay Tuned!

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