Monday, October 4, 2010

A Different Perspective

So once we've read all the right books and listened to the right audios and learned everything we can possibly learn about how to get good at whatever it is we do, give yourself a break, and take a look at things from a different perspective.
Here are some good reasons to do that:
Do you think you look the same to everyone else as you do to yourself? 
Have you ever found out that someone else had your same idea and did it first?
Have you ever been interrupted?
Have you ever had no idea where to start?
Do you worry about doing something the same way someone else did it?
If you answered "yes" to one of these questions, then a new perspective sure couldn't hurt!
Get out of your neat little box and see what things look like from the outside looking in.
Need help with that?  Ask for feedback.  Opinions are aplenty in the world of social media.
Have a little fun with that!
Do not come back to the table until you can really see the whole picture from a truly different perspective.
(yes....even though it's Monday. Go ahead and do it. It's okay!)

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